12 Photography Projects to Start in 2018

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Updated 8/22/2019

Photography projects are probably the best thing you can do for your photography. Especially if you are in a photography rut. I have done a handful of photography projects over the past two years. They have really helped to push my creativity. Some of them I finished, other ones, not so much. But! I keep on keeping on, and that’s what counts, right? I am excited to try these out this next year. As I reflect back on all the photography projects I’ve done, I am so proud of the one’s that I finished. I am also proud of the ones that I got half way through, even doing them half way, I learned so much. So, what are you waiting for? Start a photography project today!

12 Photography Projects to Start in 2018

photography projects 101

So, first. I want to go into big detail about how it’s totally ok to fail any photography project you start and attempt. I have started and failed a 365 every year for the past three years. But each year I get a little further. This year would have been a winner, if I hadn’t had a baby half way through! I made it 6 whole months. All my other 365’s lasted only a month or two. I call this progress. I don’t want you to feel bad about yourself. That being said, actually completing a photography project really gives you a great confidence boost.

after you complete a project

So, after you complete a project, what should you do? Here’s a few ideas for you…

12 photography projects to do in 2018

1. 365 project

So, I already told you a little bit about my 365 project. But I really did enjoy doing it up until my little man came. I really learned a lot, and my images changed drastically from month to month. Looking back at my January photos to the photos I take now, in December, there is BIG improvement. I highly recommend completing a 365 project. Who’s with me in 2018?

2. black & white

Shoot only black and white images. There is a way to make it so that the images you take, are only black and white. I’m soooo nervous to switch my camera to do this because I love color. However, when you shoot with black and white in mind, think about the light. The light should have depth and dimension in it. Then pick a number, say 10, of how many images of black and white you should take. This will really help you see what makes a good black and white image.

A few blog posts that might help you with black and white photography:

  1. Watch Me Edit: Black and White
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Black and White
  3. 5 Reasons to Convert an Image to Black and White

3. one subject, 10 photos

I am itching to do this project. I just have to pick out the perfect subject! So, basically, all you do is pick a subject (an egg, a flower, a toy, anything!) and take 10 different images of it. Get creative. Make each image completely unique. If you try this one out, let me know how you did!

4. work through a book

I need to do this one. There are some great books out there. Like this composition book. I have that one and it is great. So basically, as you read, you practice. The best thing about books is that they’re always there once you buy them. I love adding books to my bookshelf, so if you have any photography book suggestions, please comment below!

5. self portraits

Doing a self portrait project is the perfect way to push your creativity. Not only do you get photos of yourself, but you have to really think and plan out each shot, since you won’t be behind the camera for these. I love doing self portraits. I do them monthly with my son! Make it a monthly goal to get in the picture. Why? Because you were there too. You’re important, too. Don’t forget it!

6. letters to my little one

I love this photography project! I started it when my little was only 18 weeks (in the womb) old. What you do is write a letter to your little one. Tell them how they’ve grown. Tell them what they’ve accomplished that month. Tell them things that they like. This doesn’t just have to be for babies, it could be for older ones, too! But obviously you wouldn’t do as many. You decide the rules here. I do a letter every month for my cute little 5 month old.

7. monthly color grid

I’m doing this one in 2018! Would anyone like to join me? What you do is pick one color each month. For example, January could be light blue, then you strive to take pictures featuring that color. You would take a total of 9 images and make a grid out of it. So fun, right?

8. monthly grid

I did this project all of 2017. It’s actually a really easy photography project if you’re looking for an easier one. You take images throughout the month. Then at the very end, you pick 9 of your favorites and make a grid from them. I use Blogstomp to make all of my grids. Super quick and easy.

Here’s a few examples of these (click them to make them bigger):

9 Images a Month Project
9 Images a Month Project
9 Images a Month Project

9. project 52

I like to think this one would be an easier one, but I have never tried it! Photography project 52 refers to having 52 weeks in a year. You would take just one photo a week following along some prompts. For example, week one could be a self portrait. I don’t want to fill my plate up with photography projects, but I might consider giving this one a go. Maybe in 2019. There are plenty of project 52 prompts on Pinterest.

10. creativity challenges

You could do some creativity challenges. Some of them take a long time while others you can complete in a day! All of these could be counted as a photography project.

I personally like the photo walk where you take 30 photos in 30 minutes. It is challenging but oh so fun! And plus I love going on photo walks. 😉

11. still life

Tackle still life photography each month. The only way to get better at it is to practice! What do I mean by still life photography? I am talking about anything that doesn’t have a human or living thing in it. So this could include toys, dishes, books, any object you can think of. Why is this task challenging? Because to make still life photography impactful, you need to give your objects emotion. This photography project is perfect to push your creativity to the max!

12. print out your images

Yes, this counts as a photography project! Print out those images! Finished a project? PRINT THEM OUT! It’s so fun to see your work printed out! You could even make a book of your photography projects. Have fun doing this project. It is a big one, but so worth it!

What is a photography project you have completed in the past and just love? Share it in the comments below! What is a photography project you’ve struggled with? Please leave a comment about it! I’d love to hear.

Happy photography project making!

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4 Thoughts to “12 Photography Projects to Start in 2018”

  1. I enjoyed a lot reading your article! I love taking photos of almost everything but mostly of flowers. I am not really good with self portrets, still struggle there and I wish I would take the time to print more of the photos I took.
    Elena from Beauty Magic Box

    1. Alyssa Ahern

      Thanks for the comment! Self portraits are hard but definitely worth it. Photography projects are the perfect way to learn how to improve any aspect of photography.

  2. Jess

    Will you be kicking off a 365 day project for 2018?

    1. Alyssa Ahern

      Yes! I also will be creating a weekly prompt for a 52 week project for photographers to follow along.

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