4 Ways to Capture Spring

4 Ways to Capture Spring

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I was born in spring time and it is my favorite time of the year. I love all the colors that come out, the nice weather, the walks, the zoo trips, the flowers. I just love spring. And it can be very fun to capture! I love trying to capture all the beautiful flowers that bloom. It can be a nice relief and therapeutic to try and capture something that’s not your regular subject. If flowers are your regular subject, you’re probably a complete pro at capturing spring and don’t need my help!

I always feel quite inspired in the spring time (although, I do find my most inspired in the winter time!).

Aly Dawn Photography 4 Ways to Capture Spring

1. capture the gorgeous colors

Spring is full of color. From pink to blue to red to yellow. There is color everywhere. I believe the beauty of spring comes from it’s vibrant colors. So make April an all color month. No black and whites! Pick a color and do a photography project of all the colors of springs. There are so many different ways you can capture the colors of spring. And on the plus side, they’re ALL beautiful. Embrace the color, the bright color. Because that is what spring is all about. Bright beautiful colors. Don’t forget to use it as a compositional tool. A green landscape with a pop of pink in the shirt – that can be so intriguing! Use color to your advantage. The blooms are so beautiful, they look GREAT as backdrops!!

Aly Dawn Photography 4 Ways to Capture Spring

2. capture the light

Ahh beautiful spring light. You’ve been in the dark because, well, winter. But now that spring is here, the light is here, also! So if it’s sunny out, grab your camera and go for a walk!

tips on capturing light

  • Use backlighting as often as possible. This will give a nice glow to your background. Backlit flowers are gorgeous.
  • Find open shade if you go out in the middle of the day.
  • Embrace the full sun by shooting with a wider lens and angle. Get the whole scene in the shot. OR put the sun behind your subject and try at silhouettes.

Spring is literally full of gorgeous light. I’d say it’s probably my favorite sun light out of all the seasons! Don’t let it pass you by. Take full advantage of it. Let it warm you photos. Take a walk in the morning, at noon, then right before the sun goes down. See how the different time of day effects your light and your images. Have fun! It gets addicting!

3. capture the details

There are so many details of spring. The flowers. The bugs. The rain. Pick a detail of spring and focus on it. Focus on the new life all around you. Take out that macro lens, dust it off, and start capturing the little things. Try capturing the little critters that come out (I have yet to be brave enough to do this … I may need some tips on capturing critters!) in the spring time. Plants provide a ton of little details for you to capture. From little buds, to the lines of a leaf, to the rain drops on a flower. You could even capture your kids and their details, the curls of their hair, the tiny little hands holding one of those critters mentioned above, get up close and personal to everything. Try different angles for each detail.


4. use the weather to your advantage

There’s going to be rain, am I right? Spring is full of rain. So embrace it. Water droplets give your flower images texture. They provide interest. They make something sparkle. Water droplets are so fun to play with, especially in macro photography. I even go so far as to bringing my own spray bottle with me to spray the flowers. It doesn’t hurt them! But, seriously, just wait a day or two and mother nature will give you a rain shower. 😉

Clouds and storms can also be really fun to capture. Think lightening. I have always wanted to capture a lightening storm. I stumbled upon a great tutorial that I would love to share with you. If you go out and take lightening pictures or storm pictures, please share them with me!

don’t forget portraits

But, wait! Portraits in the spring can be a powerful variety to your portfolio. The flowers make excellent back drops! Or you could get creative and shoot through flowers to get a beautiful portrait. I mean, come on spring, can you get any more gorgeous?!

What are some of your favorite things to photograph in the spring and why? I would love to know! Drop me a comment below!

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