5 Reasons to Create a Photo Book

5 Reasons to Create a Photo Book

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I was legit jumping up and down when I saw that a package came for me. I knew exactly what it was – a book I had made from Blurb! I LOVE using Blurb to create my photography books. Blurb makes it extremely easy to make and upload a book. I’ve made three different books so far and I love each of them. They’re so fun to look through and reminiscence. So far, the three books I have made consist of my wedding images, some personal images, and my sons newborn pictures. I plan to eventually make a book of more of my personal images and a year one book of my baby. Photography books are great for so many reasons. Keep reading to find out why you should create a photography book.

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5 Reasons to Create a Photo Book

1. it’s easy to create

Lightroom and Blurb have made it extremely easy to create a photo book. All you have to do is import your images into Lightroom and click on the ‘book’ tab. It creates layouts automatically for you. You can even add text to your pages. I love that it’s extremely easy to make a book. Once you’re done and everything looks the way you want it, you just simply upload it to Blurb.

Don’t believe me how easy it is to create one of these books? I created a quick video to show you exactly how to use Lightroom to create and send your book directly to Blurb. And Blurb makes it SUPER easy!

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Here’s the video:

I just love how easy Blurb makes it! And the books come out beautiful – everyone I show them to love the photo books! I personally think it’s a great investment, and like I said in the video, I never buy a book unless there is a sale. Which, lucky for you, there is one right now!

For a limited time, get 35% Off when you spend $125 or more at Blurb!
5 Reasons to Create a Photo Book

2. it’s a great way to display your images

I love printing my pictures. But let’s be honest, they can stack up fast! With photo books it’s great that they’re all in the same place. Have a ton of macro photos you need to print? Create a book, they’ll all be in the same place. There’s just something about your work being printed in a book that makes you smile. Having them in a book makes it easy for the viewer to view your images in the order you want them to. Plus they just look so beautiful laid out that way.

And you can make the books however big or little you want! There’s also an option to make a square book, if you’re into that. Those books would be PERFECT for your Instagram feed or something.

images of my son taken by Kelly Akers Photography

3. it’s a great conversation starter

I’ll start talking about my wedding and then remember that I actually have a book of ALL of my wedding images – yes, all of them. That makes for an even better conversation as we look through my wedding book. And just think, if you have a book of your own images (I only have one so far), then your friends can look through all of your favorite images all in one place and ask you about the memories you’ve captured.

Not only do they ask questions about the memories, but they might even ask you to take pictures for them. That’s totally a win-win-win.

But, if you’re not a photographer, then I still encourage you to make a book of your images. You don’t want them to be stored forever on your Facebook page or Instagram feed. You want to have them even after those sites go down (if ever!).


4. it’ll help you grow as a photographer

This step is for if you are creating a photo book of your own images. As you go through and pick images for your book, you’ll check to make sure they’re consistent. You’ll really evaluate each image and determine if it’s worthy of being printed in your book. Going through your images will make you a better photographer. You’ll take note of what you could do better or even go out and try to take a better image so that your book can look professional.

I know when I was making my Disney book, I went through and made sure all of my images were cohesive. It made me work at editing to get that cohesive look. It helped me get my editing the way it is today.

You’ll also be able to organize your images as you go through and pick them to go in your photo book – organizing your images is always a good thing!

5. it’s just plain fun!

It almost becomes addicting…so be careful! If you stop, you might not be able to stop! Since Lightroom makes it so easy to create, it’s not a headache and it’s really fun to go through your images and create the book. Then it’s even more fun to see your images printed on your book and sent to you.

So that’s it! I hope you found this blog post helpful and I hope you create your first photo book today!

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