5 Tips To Writing Your First Blog Post

5 Tips to Writing Your First Blog Post

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So, you just started your blog and now you’re in the predicament of writing your first blog post? But, what do you write about? And how do you push past writing your first blog post? Will anyone really read it?

I am hoping to answer some of these questions. First and foremost, you need to decide why you are writing a blog. Is it for you? Is it for an audience? What is the topic of your blog? My number one tip is to decide on a blog topic that is very specific. Don’t just say, ‘oh, I’m writing a motherhood blog so I’ll just write about anything motherhood’…be a little more specific. Motherhood is a broad subject! You won’t get any followers doing that and you’ll drive yourself crazy with all the topics you could write about but probably won’t.

5 Tips to Writing Your First Blog Post

For me? My blog topic is to help moms take better images of their kids. It’s not just a photography blog, it’s geared towards helping moms specifically. And if you’re not a mom and reading this, please stay! I feel like my tips will still help you!

One very important thing I have learned from this blogging thing is that I need to do it for me. Meaning, I need to blog and format my posts the way I want. I recommend seeing what other bloggers do, but then make sure you make your blog your own way and blog the way you want to blog. I used to think I had to follow and copy all the bloggers I saw. THAT IS NOT THE CASE!! Do this for you, and no one else.

Now that I’m off my soapbox…

How ’bout those tips I promised?

5 Tips to Writing Your First Blog Post

1. Research

Research your blog topics! Yes, that’s right. When I first started blogging, I thought, ‘I’ll just write what I know!’. Which is good…for the most part. But you really need to become an expert on what you are writing. For example, for this post, I researched what other bloggers have said. I don’t want to copy them, I simply want to add to what they have said. Sometimes, I find that I have some very similar ideas to other bloggers…which is totally okay! I also sometimes find that what I have to say completely defers from what others have already said (which is the key, you want to stand out, right?) and it helps me build a blog post.

Another thing you should research is keywords and what topics you should write about! Pinterest is my favorite place to go to when I need to find keywords, and I wrote a blog series all about Pinterest!

Which takes me to my next point…

2. Write an Outline/Rough Draft

I’m sure when you were in school you would write an outline before you wrote a paper, right? Or you would have to turn in a rough draft for the teacher to review before submitting your final paper? Well, it should be the similar thing in blogging. Writing an outline will help you pinpoint exactly what you want to say. In blog posts like this one, I usually write down my 5 tips first before I ever begin writing. After I have an outline, I’ll then type of a rough draft. I’ll look through my blog post over and over before finally submitting. I’ll even go back and edit it after it’s been published, which takes me to tip #3…

3. Revise Your Posts

So, you wrote your first blog post and you hit submit, congrats! After about a month or so into this blogging gig, you might realize your first post was not amazing. It was basically just a filler post so that you could say you had a blog post. Right?

Well, good news, nothing is ever written in stone and you can go back and revise it! In fact, I really recommend you do this to almost every single post that you write. Why? Because as you grow and develop as a blogger, so do your ideas and your insights. What you once thought was a good idea, might no be anymore. You need to revise this so that your readers are up to date. Because once you write a blog post and publish it…it’s out there for the whole world to see and read forever. Or until you delete your blog. 😉

For photography, sometimes my photos get better and I have better examples to show. I like to update my pictures from time to time and I also like to sometimes update my blog formats. One thing I like to do is try to make them all look the same. I edit a blog post at least once a week (when I’m actively blogging, *cough*). So, remember, nothing is set in stone and you can update the post after submitting.

Update: I’m actually updating this post right now! I’ve been going through and updating all of my blog posts since my brand name change and website move. It never hurts to update your posts and add more juicy content into your blog posts. I’m also going through and optimizing SEO which is very important…and reminds me, I should write a post about that!

4. Define Your ‘Why’

Why are you blogging? If it’s for money…stop right now! You need to be passionate about blogging for you to get anything out of it! It’s hard work. And it takes time. Figure out they ‘why’ you’re blogging. For me, I LOVE to help people learn new things, give advice, and show off my photography. Figuring out your why will help you with your first post.

Side note: I would recommend skipping the introduction post. Just dive RIGHT into what you will ultimately be blogging about. For example, my blog is about photography. I could dive right in for my first post with a tutorial on shutter speed. Act like you’ve been blogging for years. In other words, fake it till you make it.

5. What to Include in Your Posts

I’ll break this down a little further, but there are some must includes in a post! After you decide what to write about, research your topic, write an outline, and define your ‘why’, you’ll need to be sure every post includes the following:

  • Short paragraphs – people like to skim blog posts, make sure you have short paragraphs that are easily readable. Including bullet points help, too, because then they can just read the bullet points if they’re really lazy!
  • Add graphics or images – adding images that relate to your blog post really helps enhance it and helps your readers understand exactly what it’s about. If you’re writing a tutorial, try to show the process and the setup. If you need to you can even get stock images!
  • Break your post into sections with H2 tags – Header 2 is something that google really notices! So you want to make sure you break your post into sections with H2 tags. This will also help your readers skim, by making sure your headers give them all the information they need! All the tips in this blog post are H2 tags!
  • Longer blog posts – When you first write a blog post, you might not have a whole lot of information to add to it, but try to fill your blog post with enough information that you don’t leave your readers hanging, thinking, ‘what else do I need to do?’. The most words and paragraphs you have, the more professional you look.

Remember it takes practice

You won’t be a rockstar blogger the very first time you post a blog post! Remember that, just like everything else in life, it takes practice and patience! And remember tip #3 – revise your posts. You’ll be able to go back and revise anything that might be embarrassing later down the road.

Headline Ideas

And to get you started with some really helpful blogging ideas, I created a list of headline ideas to help get your creative juices flowing! And bonus, these don’t just apply to photographer bloggers, but just bloggers in general can benefit from these. They are headline ideas that will in turn, help you decide what to write about.

Thank you so much for dropping by. If you are a new blogger, what is the most intimidating thing about blogging? Please comment below!

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19 Thoughts to “5 Tips To Writing Your First Blog Post”

  1. Hi Alyssa,

    Thanks for these spot-on tips! It’s well worth getting your head around the whole process before you start writing.

  2. Love this post! I like your encouragement to edit previous posts. I think I’ll do that – great idea! Do you delete the original and post a new one totally, or just edit the original post and update it? Thanks 🙂

    1. I personally keep the original post and just go back and edit it! Sometimes when you’re first starting out, you just need to get posts out there. And then you learn how to write better posts and you can take that knowledge and update your old posts. I also like to update the Pinterest image, I’m always learning how to improve those. Never hurts to update and revise your old posts! Hope that helps!

  3. Kelly Martin

    These are great ideas for writing your first blog post. I’ve found that short paragraphs and lots of images help with readability.

  4. Chloé Arnold

    So many good tips- even if it isn’t your first blog post! I love the reminder to find your why!

  5. Excellent advice! It’s so exciting to write the first blog post. There are so many questions that we have before our first post. Awesome guide to get started

  6. Love these advices! I also didn’t know the H2 is what google usually notices! Will try to incorporate this more in my blog posts. Thank you so much!

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  8. Thank you for these tips. Your articles are so helpful and I especially love that you aren’t just helping anybody with photography skills but that you specialize in helping moms. Thanks again!

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  14. I love your tip about writing the way you want! That is the best advice right there. It needs to be your style, your voice, and something that excites you. If you are bored writing it, your readers will be equally as bored reading it. Perfect list for those new bloggers just starting out! I wish I had read this when I first started. I look back and just cringe as I see myself developing my voice from the beginning until now. Blogging is a crazy yet amazing journey, to say the least!

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