Meet Aly


Here’s my story.

I am married to the most amazing man ever. He is my number one fan in everything I do and I couldn’t have asked for a better support man. We have been married for 5+ years and just had our oldest in 2017, and we’re about to welcome our second end of Sept. 2019. I love being a momma. I love yellow starbursts. My favorite color is blue. I love Instagram and I might even consider myself an addict. I’m not sure what I would do if I left my phone at home. When it comes to my work I am an organizer. I love making lists and crossing things off. I am a family girl. I love staying in and hanging with my family. I love to watch tv shows with my husband. I love looking at Etsy and dreaming of having items from there. I love scarves. I love fall. I love photography a little too much.

My mission.

I really love teaching beginner and intermediate photographers new things. I love blogging about photography – it’s a big passion for me. I really want to help out new mom photographers. It’s so often that moms start their photography journey because they want to capture and remember the little moments – and that’s my mission! I want to help you capture those sweet memories.


Why I love photography.

Photography has helped me capture a lot of memories. I love looking back at photos, whether they are photos I’ve taken on my camera or my phone. I love looking at the memories I’ve captured. Photos make me feel things. They give me all the feels. I love how much there is to learn in photography. From posing to macro to light, I’m hooked. I still have so much to learn, even after all I’ve learned in the past couple of years. I love looking back at my old photos and comparing them to my new ones. They make me happy. They make me realize that I am growing. I am learning. I am progressing. That means everything to me. I love seeing my progress. It inspires me to learn more!

I also love helping other fellow photographers learn more. Teaching other photographers helps me learn new things, so in my mind, it’s a win-win! Photography also helps me connect with other photographers, and meeting new people makes me extremely happy. If you have any type of camera, a phone camera, a DSLR, whatever, I encourage you to learn more. Expand your knowledge. You’ll thank me for your new gift of capturing the memories.

 My favorite types of photography.

I love love love macro photography. Before I got pregnant with my son, I had limited subjects. It was me, my husband, my pets, or random non-living things. I turned to macro to help soothe my craving for photography. I love landscape photography as well. I love capturing emotion. I love family photography. I love newborn photography. Oh do I love newborn photography! It is so special and sweet, and those newborns give me all the feels. My photography style, I would say, leans towards documentary or ‘lifestyle’. I very rarely like the posed pictures. I love getting genuine connection. I love showing what life really looks like.

Something for you.

I wanted to leave you with something! How does FREE Lightroom presets sound?! And also a FREE 5-day Mom Photography Course to help you take better images of your kids. Sign up below to opt-in.