Best Beginner Camera Accessories

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There are so many different camera accessories out there, it can definitely be overwhelming. I’m hoping in the guide, I can tell you exactly what camera accessories you need if you are a beginner (or even intermediate) photographer!

Many of these camera accessories are perfect for a beginner photographer, but there are also some that are good for any photographer.

I’ll be sure to point out which ones are good for beginner vs intermediate photographers.

And when I say beginner, I’m talking about someone who just bought their first camera.

I won’t be talking about the best camera’s to buy for beginner photographers in this post, just camera accessories.

This is going to be a long post, so get ready!

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A Beginner's Guide to Photography
Best Beginner Camera Accessories

best camera accessories for beginner’s

Let’s first talk about the essential camera accessories that everyone should own! No matter what type of genre of photography you are in. And even if you’re doing this photography thing just for blogging (which is totally fine, too!) you need these accessories!


I believe tripods are a must have for every photographer.

If you want to get in the frame, it comes in very handy.

If you want a different perspective, it comes in very handy.

Tripods are great for landscape photography and macro photography (although I don’t use my tripod for macro!).

When you’re picking out a tripod, like the one pictured over there, you want to look at a few things. First thing is how tall it is (this is especially important if you’re tall, like me, and want to take self portraits), also check to make sure it has a ball head. That way you can tilt it any way you want. This tripod is my top pick, but it is a little pricey. So, let me recommend a cheaper one!

This wonderful tripod is absolutely perfect for beginner photographers! It’s cheap and has a ton of Amazon reviews (try over 8,000! With 4.5 stars! That’s really good). I personally love this tripod…and it’s often my go to tripod, even though I have the more expensive one. Call me crazy! I just feel really comfortable using this one! And did I mention it’s cheap?!?

One last tripod that I believe all bloggers and beginner photographers need is this one! It’s perfect for your phone and you can also make it grab places, making for some pretty cool perspectives. You can use a GoPro, phone, or DSLR on this bad boy. And, did I mention the best part? It’s under $20! What a steal.

remote shutter release

A remote shutter release can come in handy quite a bit. I love using it for my self portraits, but it would also come in handy if you did flat lays as a blogger or instagrammer. Other times it would come in handy is for landscape or macro photography, to reduce camera shake. Remote shutter releases are really cheap, probably the cheapest camera accessory out there.

I contemplated putting down the cheapest options, but I wasn’t happy with the reviews it was getting. So I wanted to recommend a good remote! This one can be wireless or hooked up. And will definitely help with eliminating camera shake. Perfect remote for beginners and intermediate photographers.

extra battery and battery charger

This is something all photographers should have. I’m not going to link to them, though, since you probably have a different camera than I do. I believe even a point and shoot (regular digital camera) has a capability of extra batteries.

Not only should you have an extra battery, but a battery charger is a must! I almost didn’t include this, but I think it’s worth a mention.

lens wipes

This is a must for any photographer. Whether you shoot with a phone, point and shoot, or a DSLR, you want to make sure your lens and screens are always nice and clean. I love the microfiber cloths, I have about 4 of them that I keep in my camera bag!

These are perfect for all types of screens and lenses! I use them on my phone screen (and phone camera) as well as on my lenses. This pack comes with 6 which is plenty! Definitely something that needs to go in your camera bag!

SD cards

Different camera’s take different SD Cards, but if you own a DSLR, this card should work on most of them. You’ll have to do your own research when buying SD cards, does it take micro or regular? GoPros take micro, so make sure you know that before assuming you have the right SD card!

When buying a new SD card, especially if you’re shooting in RAW, I always make sure that it’s 95MB or higher. This will help so that your photo taking doesn’t slow down if you hold the button down to take a ton of pictures at once. I also opt for a little more space, I love my 64 GB SD Card – it has all the space I need! My camera has two SD Card slots, though, so I’m set.

camera accessories for beginner and intermediate photographers

The rest of the camera accessories I want to mention are for beginners and intermediate photographer, leaning more towards intermediate photographers (especially those who own a DSLR). Some of these can come in handy with beginner photographers who own only a point and shoot, though.

Alright, let’s dive in!

camera bag

All my go to camera bag sites have limited supplies. Yikes! I really wanted to buy a new bag. However, Amazon won and has some REALLY cute bags up there. It really just depends on what you’re looking for. I love backpacks! I have a backpack diaper bag that I absolutely love. So, I’ll recommend a backpack camera bag (that I just might buy myself because it’s SO cheap for a camera bag, under $60! Most camera bags go for over $100!).

I mean just look at how cute this camera bag is! I really might spend my personal money on it this month haha! And, by the way, it has some great reviews on Amazon (which is something I always look for!). This bag would be perfect for nature or landscape photographers, as well as mom photographers. Great on the go bag!

best lens to buy first

If you just got a fancy DSLR, chances are you probably just bought the lens that comes with the DSLR. These lenses are called kit lenses. And I actually recommend you sell them right away or better yet, never buy them. They can come in handy occasionally and you can get good images with them, don’t get me wrong.

But in the long run, it’s better to invest in a good lens first.

I recommend the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens, also known as the nifty fifty! It’s one of the cheapest lenses out there! You can’t go wrong with this lens. If you aren’t a Nikon user, check out the lenses below for something that might work with your camera.

If you don’t own a DSLR, move on!

cleaner kit

I ran into a situation a few months ago where I had sensor spots on all of my images! Oh maybe I’ll write a blog post all about it, but man they were annoying! I didn’t have a cleaner kit and it became pretty obvious really fast that I needed one. So, I did some research and I came across this lovely piece of a cleaner kit!

The best part about this whole kit is the price, it’s under $10! It comes with a lens pen, lens brush, air blaster, and microfiber cloths. I keep all of these items in my camera bag in case I need to quickly clean my lens or sensor.

This is really a steal. I was able to get rid of those pesky sensor spots with the air blaster really easily (if you do anything with your camera sensor, make sure you do your research before ever touching it! You could damage it!).


Reflectors are great to add in some additional light. Especially when back lighting. I should really use my reflector more. It’s great! And it folds up to a small size that you can carry really easily.

I have this reflector, and I have no complaints about it whatsoever!

I’ve used it a handful of times, only because it doesn’t fit in with my typical daily life images. But I think the next time I do a senior session or a head shot session, I will definitely be using this.

In your everyday life, you can totally use this to help bounce light onto your subject. I might try this out and I’ll come back and edit this post if I do.


In conclusion, I wanted to say that really all you need is a DSLR (or a point and shoot if you’re not super serious about photography yet) and a good lens. You can do away with most of these (ok, maybe except that cleaner kit and SD cards!) and still take amazing images.

So, that’s it. What are some of your favorite camera accessories?! I’d love to know. I’m always looking for cheap and useful camera accessories.

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  1. I’ve been looking into investing in a good quality camera. I will definitely be looking into these accessories. Thank you for the tips.

    1. I’m glad it helped! You might also be interested in my post about Crop Frame vs Full Frame – at the end of the post I recommend cameras. Good luck with buying a good quality camera! It’s a fun step to take!

  2. Stephanie

    Great advice! I appreciate the simplicity of the post that makes it easy to figure out what I’d need as a new photographer. Thanks!

  3. I had no idea how much goes into great photography! Thank you for the insight! I really want to invest in a good camera one day!

    1. Getting a good camera is just half the fun! Good luck in your photography!

  4. I’d love to take the leap soon with a fancy camera and great accessories. Thanks for the inspiration!

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