Creativity Exercise: Spring Photo List

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I’m totally jumping the gun here, but I am so excited about Spring I wanted to do another creativity exercise all about spring! Comment below if you’re also excited about Spring!!

I was born in Spring so I’m really excited for it. I’m also really excited to capture my daughter experience now that she’s a little older. The flowers are some of our favorites!

If you need some inspiration for Spring images, I’ve got you covered!

That’s it, for now, looks like I need to write a new blog post!

So, let’s get to this creativity challenge then! Here’s the Spring Photo List!

the challenge

The challenge is like a scavenger hunt! There are 40 things listed on this list. Take as many things as you can during this Spring season! You could do some fun stuff with the photos, like make a blog post, post them on Instagram, do an Instagram loop, make a book out of them. So many different fun things!

Interpret the list and items any way you want. The words on the list are supposed to get you inspired and shooting.

Take as many photos as you can with these words in mind!

the prompts

I have the list here ready for you to download. You can print it out and hang it on the fridge for some inspiration!

Get as creative as you want with these prompts! The main goal and purpose for this challenge is to photograph the beauty of Spring. There’s soooooo many gorgeous things that happen in Spring time!

how to push through

It doesn’t matter what order you shoot these, so don’t feel like you have to shoot one image before you can shoot the next one! Just take as many images as you can with the prompts in mind. And try to use different words, not just the same one for different images (example: don’t only take images of flowers, push yourself and get other words as well).

  • take your camera everywhere – you never know when a photo opportunity will pop up
  • get the family involved – have the kids look for the things on the list!
  • plan a photoshoot just for a few of the words and knock them out in one go!

It’s so fun and easy! This is a no stress creativity challenge that should push you to get different shots. Make this project your own and shoot what makes you happy (as long as it’s related to the words on the list!).

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