Fall Photography Tips

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Are you ready for some fall photography tips and tricks?! Fall is just around the corner! I am so excited to get out there and shoot all the beautiful fall colors. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Ever. I just love the cool weather, the photography goldmine, and the fun activities that happen in fall. All around, fall is such a great season!

It’s a photography goldmine because it has such beautiful colors! If you’re like most photographers, then you’ll want to capture the beautiful colors. I wanted to get these tips out to you early, so that you can study and understand them, before the fall colors come out! I just love all the beautiful fall colors in this post! Be sure to pin it for later!

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Fall Photography Tips

the perfect fall outfit

Alright, if you’re going to be photographing out in the fall, you have to look cute. Maybe it’s just me, but I love when I find out what people are wearing to the shoot. I’m always curious.

Fall is great because it has such beautiful colors that you can use in your wardrobe fashion! Here are some of my favorite wardrobe picks for fall! Let me know which ones  you try out!!

my favorite fall accessories

  • these boot warmers – these are legit the cutest things I have ever seen. I love them so much! They go perfect with those awesome boots that you know you’ll be wearing! And that adorable button?! I’m in love!
  • this cute mama bear shirt – I love this shirt! I love the maroon color, but of course, you could get any color you want! I love how it has elbow patches and it is so soft and comfortable. The perfect fall shirt – cute and comfortable!
  • an adorable fall dress – maybe it’s just me, but I’m always on a lookout for a nice dress. And this dress is perfect for fall (and for your fall pictures!). I love how it has plain colors, it’s nice and long, and it has pockets. I mean, when I find a dress with pockets, I just hand out money like a crazy person! Just take my money! GIVE ME THE POCKET DRESS!!
  • don’t forget a scarf! – you have to have a nice scarf for fall! And this scarf is legit the best. I love it so much! The plaid just makes it so much better. I love love it so much I bought myself more than one! Scarves are must haves!

So that’s it, the perfect fall outfit includes boot warmers, a scarf, a cute shirt or a cute dress. Pair these items with other articles of clothing you already have! And now you are ready to get down to business in your cute new outfit. Let’s learn about photographing the fall colors!

fall photography tips

Now, on to the fall photography tips I have for you! I am so ready for those fall colors to come around! I’ve seen a few trees starting to change this year.

Fall Photography Tips - How to Capture Fall
Fall Photography Tips - How to Capture Fall

1. fall photography – capture the fall colors

I kind of feel like this is a no brainer – like duh, capture those gorgeous colors! But I want you to not only capture the beautiful fall colors, I want you to focus on the fall colors. Figure out a way to play with the colors. Color can be a compositional tool and with the changing of the colors, you can really focus on that. Normally everything is green (if you’re where I’m from) and so now you have a chance to play with other colors!

When looking at a color wheel, green is across from red/pink (depending on what shade of green). So normally you would want to try to pair those two colors together. But Yellow is across from purple and orange is across from blue! Those are two new colors you can play with in your compositions!

Fall Photography Tips - How to Capture Fall

2. fall photography – photograph the changing season

It doesn’t have to be completely fall yet for you to start photographing the season! It’s always fun to do a photo series! A photo series is around 4 images (you could have more, but you should probably have at least 4) that all relate to each other. A fun project would be to photograph the same location in all the different seasons. And then you put them together in a fun grid! You could call it your fall photography photo series! (I’m so original, I know!)

Aside from a photo series, it would also be fun to showcase how the seasons are changing. How one tree is orange while the others are green. How some of the leaves have changed color, but not all. Think about ways to creatively show the changing season.

A perfect activity to do in the fall season is to go on a photo walk – find a location that has plenty of fall colors. Like a park or a walking trail. Bring your family or take this walk by yourself. Take your time and look for all the details of fall.

I actually have the PERFECT little photo walk cheat sheet for you. Head over to my fall creativity exercise to download it for FREE! WHOO! It is a list of things to look for while you are photographing fall!

Fall Photography Ideas

3. photograph the pumpkin patch

What’s fall without the pumpkin patch!? I would double-check with your local pumpkin patch (and if you don’t have one, boo! You need one!) and make sure that it’s ok to take pictures. Some pumpkin patches require a fee to take pictures. Fall photography just wouldn’t be complete without the pumpkin patch.

But pumpkin patches are a great way to capture the fall feeling and also enjoy some family time – I’m all about family time! Pumpkin patches provide a lot of pretty visual. I know I’m excited to go to the pumpkin patch this year – we make it a fall tradition! We’ve gone every year for the past three years. As a result, I’ve gotten some great images!

Here are some ideas to capture at your next pumpkin patch adventure:

  1. Capture the kids picking out pumpkins
  2. Capture the little details of the pumpkin patch – at our patch, they usually have pumpkins that are painted with cute faces! I love capturing them
  3. Capture the activities – like hay rides and any games the pumpkin patch may offer

4. focus on the details

Fall has a lot of beautiful details. From the orange leaves, to the dying beautiful crap all around, there are lots and lots of beautiful details to capture. Pull out a macro lens (the lens I use is the Nikon 105mm 2.8 but I have my eyes on a different one, like the Velvet 56 that is a lensbaby but also a macro lens) and capture the beauty of fall.

Pro tip: The details don’t have to be caught with a macro lens. You can also capture details with other lenses. Just get in close, or crop in post processing. Take a picture of your kid holding a leaf or a flower or something showcasing fall. The details just mean you should get in nice and close. Don’t get caught up if you don’t have a macro lens. 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about macro, here are my tips on starting macro photography.

Fall Photography Ideas

5. capture the fall holidays

Fall is the turning point and when all the fun holidays start to come about! Capture the fun season! The Halloween traditions – knocking on doors and getting candy, Halloween activities, going to the pumpkin patch, hay rides, there are so many things! Capture all the fun you have in this season.

Don’t forget to photograph those cute Halloween costumes! Plan to go trick or treating early or get your kids ready early so that there is still light to get some good pictures in the front yard. There’s also all those Thanksgiving traditions to capture, as well. Fall is full of so many events. It’s perfect to practice your photography!

6. enhance the colors post processing

Something I love to do when editing my fall colors is enhancing the orange tones. I do this often by using the HSL panel and the orange. BUT, if there is any skin tone in the image, DO NOT DO THIS. Instead, I use a radial filter, place it over my oranges, and then at the bottom where it says ‘Color’ I will pick an orange tone until my oranges look nice and noticable. I will also play around with my blacks slider to enhance the oranges even more. I like a dark, deep orange to my images nowadays.

I have included for your enjoyment, some FALL LIGHTROOM PRESETS! WHOO!!!

Download them here:

When using these, pay attention to the skin tone. If the skin tone changes drastically, play around with white balance. And maybe even brush on some correct skin tones in Lightroom (maybe one day when I’m organized I’ll make a tutorial on how to use these presets). Happy editing!

So shoot everyday this fall season, grow as a photographer. You can thank me later. Get out there and shoot!

What are some of your favorite fall activities? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Some amazing tips here! I’ve recently been planning the photos I’m going to take in fall so this came just in time for me. Would love to shoot in a pumpkin patch! Really struggled to find one last year close enough to me though, maybe I’ll have better luck this year.

    1. Alyssa Ahern

      Yes! Pumpkin patches are so fun!

  2. Great tips. Thank you, I’m trying to learn more and improve my skills

    1. Alyssa Ahern

      Thank you!

  3. Always trying to up my photography game, and I feel like this is the perfect season to start! Also, these are such great, applicable tips!

    1. Alyssa Ahern

      Thank you!!

  4. Poovanesh

    I love this post. Great tips about what to photograph in the fall. Your pics are amazing.

    1. Alyssa Ahern

      Thank you!

  5. What a colorful post. I love your fall accessories and your photography tips. Indeed, fall is a weather of beautiful colors.

  6. These are great tips and I also live in area that is mostly green year round too. I am just wondering if you have any favorite LightRoom presets that you use regularly? I know a lot pros are now selling their preset packages these days.

    1. I’ll be adding some Fall Presets to this post very soon.

  7. Great tips! It is such an excellent time of year to capture photos and I really want to get some good ones of my kids.

    1. I hope you do! Glad you enjoyed this article!

  8. I love these tips! Can’t wait till it’s cool enough here to get some cute fall clothes on and do a photoshoot 🙂

    1. Fall photoshoots are the best!

  9. I absolutely love fall, you’ve captured it beautifully in these photos – what a great idea to focus on the season- the colours and warmth makes it a wonderful time to get outdoors and capture nature. Thank you for the informative post

    1. Thank you! Glad the post helped!

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