How to Make Pinnable Graphics with Canva

How to Make Pinnable Graphics using Canva

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Have you heard of Canva? Oh. My. Gosh. I love Canva so much. I use it for all of my blog’s graphics. It’s so easy to use and the free version is all I need! Although, the paid version does have some nice features, I just don’t see a need to upgrade to the paid version yet.

Canva is great for creating Pinterest graphics and pinnable images. If you want to be successful at advertising your blog on Pinterest then you need to make sure you have a pinnable image on each blog post. If you’re interested in learning what a pinnable image is and how to make one, then stick with me!

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How to Make Pinnable Graphics using Canva

canva – creating a pinnable image

See the image right above this text? That’s my ‘pinnable’ image for this post. Notice how it’s long and vertical? That’s the perfect size for Pinterest. Pinterest images need to be vertical instead of horizontal. You want to make sure you always have a vertical image to pin to Pinterest.

So, there are some other programs out there you could use. You could even use Photoshop to create your pinnable image. But I have found that Canva is the quickest and easiest free program to use! I really like the features it offers and how quickly I can get my pinnable image made. Time is money!

canva video

Since I’m really bad at explaining things without showing you an example, I made a quick video for you to follow and learn how to create a pinnable image in canva. I tried to make it short and sweet! Just so that you get an idea of how to use canva and then create your own designs in canva.

I’m currently working on updating the video, please come back! Sorry for the inconvenience!

images for pinterest graphics

So, you’ve gotten really good at creating and designing your Pinterest graphic…great. But now you might be wondering, how do I get beautiful images for my graphics? You can go about this different ways.

One way is to learn how to take pictures. My blog that you’re reading right now has some nice photography tutorials, browse around! You might learn something. Another way is to use stock images. I would recommend learning photography. You don’t have to have a fancy camera to get good images for your blog. You can use your iPhone or Andriod and get good images. I’ve seen tons of bloggers do that.

Here are some of my tutorials that you could use with your phone to get better images:

Photography is very important for your blog. So it’s not just a matter of writing excellent content, but also a matter of making your images look as professional as possible. This really takes time and practice. Don’t get discouraged. Take images for your blog, and as you get better with photography, update your graphics for your posts. You should be updating your blog anyways as you learn more and become more experienced.

pinterest strategy

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Hey! This post is part of a blog series all about Pinterest! If you want to read the rest of the series, check out the posts below:

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